Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Urgent scam warning

Please be warned about a current scam that is circulating by fraudsters pretending to be from iCashAdvance.co.uk

At iCashAdvance, we never make any sales calls, and we never charge a fee for our no obligation credit broking service.

The scam circulating is from a phone call by a non-UK sounding accent using usually a 0330 number, pretending a loan has been approved. They then ask for a pre-payment up-front, and when queried, put pressure on the unsuspecting victim, by mentioning being "blacklisted" by lenders, and warn that if they don't pay, they won't be able to obtain credit in the future. They are liable to become quite aggressive, should this be queried.

We have also been made aware of a similar scam via email, whereby a fictitious "loan agreement" is sent out, and again, funds are requested up-front for the loan.

Upon paying this illegal fee, the victim is told the loan will transfer shortly, which it never does.

Please never pay anything up-front for a loan, as there is no legitimate reason for this. Please hang up all such calls, and report to Action Fraud.

Our advice on how to deal with such scams:

  • NEVER pay anything to someone you have no prior relationship with
  • If the company pretend to be from a legitimate organisation, check that organisation's website first. If in doubt, phone their number to check the call or email is actually from them.
  • Run an internet search on the number that called you - often you will find forums of other victims, confirming it is a scam.
  • If you received an email, click the 'from' address. If the email pretends to be from a legitimate organisation, but is sent from a GMail account, or similar, then it is likely a scam.
  • Search the Financial Conduct Authority's website for publications on the organisation the call or email is pertaining to be from. There may be a notice about cloning of a licensed site, to immediately prevent becoming a victim.

Please remember, that without a full application, no lender can claim to have a loan ready for you, and cannot approve a loan without a full application.

iCashAdvance.co.uk is a Financial Conduct Authority licensed credit broker, and not a lender, so any communication claiming to have a loan approved by iCashAdvance.co.uk is a scam.